40% Of Americans Are Afraid To Walk Alone At Night

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic altered the state of daily life in the world forever. Within America, the murder of George Floyd sparked race riots throughout that summer, plaguing cities across the country. Racial tensions had been on the rise for years since President Barack Obama’s second term in office and the events in 2020 brought things to a climax. Floyd’s murder kickstarted an “anti-law enforcement” crusade amongst left-wing progressive Democratic politicians who use racial pandering as a key voting tactic. Politicians across major cities called for the “defunding” of police departments; in many cases, they succeeded in doing this. In Minneapolis, the police department was majorly reformed along the lines of progressive politicians. Unsurprisingly, violent crime has soared across America, and especially so in urban centers that have also implemented judicial reforms which lessened penalties for low level crimes and introduced cashless bail. Progressive policies are clearly and undeniably failures.

Tragically, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was killed as being shot on duty in his patrol car. Ryan Clinkunbroomer, was discovered unconscious in his car by a passerby on Saturday, September 16th. Clinkunbroomer was shot and killed in his car right after leaving the Palmdale Sheriff’s station. The sickening episode is a reminder that law enforcement agents have lately been targeted in an increased way.

As Americans continue to experience an overarching decline in the safety of their communities and a deterioration of their culture and the quality of ordinary life, many have truly felt less safe. In a recent poll released by Gallup, it appears that about 40% of the 1,009 adults responding to the poll fear walking alone at night within a mile of their residences (well within their own familiar community). 53% of women and 26% of men responded in a way that shows fear. The last time people felt this fearful was in 1993, when America’s violent crime rate was markedly higher than today.