4yo Twins Suffocate To Death In Tragic Accident

A Florida woman is grieving after her twin children, aged 4, were found dead in a toy chest made of wood. She and her loved ones are reeling from the tragedy’s impact.

Sadie Myers posted on Facebook that she had to think that something in the universe picked her children since not many people feel the sorrow of losing two children simultaneously in a manner that makes sense.

The Jacksonville mother of four detailed the events of August 26 when she found her infant twins, Aurora and Kellan Starr, unresponsive in their room. While Myers was at work on Friday, August 25, her husband, Don Starr, tucked in the children (one elder, one younger, and a set of twins). A few hours later, she returned home, checked on the kids, ate supper, and went to bed.

The twins must have woken each other up early that morning and decided they’d rather play in their room than go back to sleep. Myers said that this occurs often. Their toys are frequently strewn over their space.

This time, however, the twins resumed their slumber in the cedar trunk that stored their stuffed animals.

Meyers wrote that they must have removed some to make it comfortable, then lay down. This old wooden cedar chest’s lid slammed shut as they slept, perhaps because one kicked or shifted positions while resting.

The following day, as the bigger boys were playing outdoors, Don checked how the twins were doing but couldn’t find them. After a thorough search of the home, one of the elder boys came across his brothers inside the chest. He ran to tell his mother, saying that they were sleeping.

Within seconds, the mother knew something was wrong, but it was too late by then.

Most wooden chests become airtight and soundproof when closed, but Myers, like many parents, didn’t know that.

She reported they had died from lack of oxygen within a few hours of falling asleep together. They had no idea what had happened.

According to the incident report acquired by Fox News Digital, deputies from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived at the residence at approximately noon.

An investigation into the fatalities is still ongoing.