70% Of Americans Want A Tougher Border

After hearing about the present amount of illegal migration, seven out of ten American voters prefer stronger border regulations, according to a Harvard-Harris survey conducted on May 17-18.

A report indicates that once provided this information, 73% of swing voters and 68% of all Americans indicated to pollsters they favor more robust border policies.

In the twelve months ending in September 2022, more than 2.75 million people entered the United States illegally, while more than 1.2 million have entered since then. 

When questioned, should the government maintains its present measures or implement new, stronger regulations to curb the flow of individuals crossing the border in light of these numbers, more than half of those surveyed (56%) were under the false impression that the annual influx was fewer than 500,000.

Nonetheless, 48% of Democrats have expressed support for the status quo. Those Democrats are more “followers” of their leaders than constituents.

A further 19% got the influx wrong, estimating it to be between 500k and 1m.

Of the American population, only 16% gave an estimate within a million, and even fewer gave an estimate between 1 million to 3 million people.

Results from the Harvard-Harris survey also found that two-thirds of Americans support deporting illegal immigrants from Mexico. 

Reports show that as a result of the influx of migrants, incomes in the United States have fallen, and housing costs have risen. The influx has also contributed to the increased mortality rate of impoverished Americans and forced Americans out of employment in many commercial sectors.

Goldman Sachs, the largest financial company on Wall Street, has suggested that President Joe Biden reduce American salaries by almost $100 billion annually by bringing in an additional 2.5 million foreign employees.

Sachs whined on May 23 that a pay rise of 5.5 percent over the previous year was a direct result of President Trump’s immigration crackdowns because of the gap between the amount of workers and the number of jobs.

To restore wage growth to the 4-412% range, the report claims it has determined the worker imbalance would have to close by around two and a half million illegal migrants.