Actress Angie Hammond’s Daughter Arrested Nightclub Theft

Actress Angie Harmon’s young teen daughter was involved in a robbery after she was suspected of stealing bottles of alcohol from a nightclub.

Just before midnight on June 5, Avery Sehorn, an 18-year-old underage drinker, broke into a nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina, with two other teenage boys. Sehorn and her friends grabbed six $500 worth of whiskey bottles and fled the establishment. The club was closed at the time. 

Avery was charged with stealing, breaking, and entering. 

Harmon’s daughter and her pals had gone to the club and saw that it was closed, but they decided to break in and take the liquor. She confessed to the crime when they spoke with the police.

The three teenagers reportedly entered the bar, helped themselves to the alcohol bottles, and then promptly left when one of the cleaning staff members questioned them. This was documented in surveillance video footage that the police obtained from the nightclub.

The proprietor of the nightclub said that the police arrested Sehorn after they were running.

The owner has stated unequivocally that he does not intend to release the audio to the general public.

According to the club owner, the crew broke through the back door, hid behind his bar, and quickly downed his liquor.

At the time, it was unknown if Sehorn posted a bond. 

Avery’s dad is the ex-NY Giants football star Jason Sehorn.

Last month, Angie Harmon filed a lawsuit against an Instacart driver in North Carolina. The man shot her dog. She is claiming negligence, trespassing, invasion of privacy, and intentional harm, and she is seeking more than $25,000.

She claims that out of nowhere, the food delivery driver got shot by their dog, Oliver, after getting out of his car and bringing the food. 

Oliver, four, has been Harmon and her children’s best friend and steadfast companion ever since they pulled him from an SPCA shelter in Dallas, Texas. 

Harmon is best known for her role in NBC’s Law & Order, playing ADA Abbie Carmichael.