AG Finds That Secret “Network” Is Pushing Children To Get Gender Surgeries 

( On Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said his office’s investigation into St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Transgender Center has uncovered a network of clinics throughout the state of Missouri that are helping facilitate transgender “treatments” for minors, Just the News reported. 

In an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast on Wednesday, Attorney General Bailey described a “shadowy, clandestine network” of Missouri clinics that encourage minors to believe that they suffer from mental health problems. These clinics are then “jumping the gun” by administering puberty blockers and hormone treatments to minors and “ultimately” recommending “damaging and irreversible” surgery. 

In February, Attorney General Bailey’s office began investigating the Pediatric Transgender Center after receiving a sworn affidavit from a whistleblower alleging that the center was going too far in transitioning minors. 

The allegations made in the affidavit include the use of “experimental drugs” on minors as well as providing hormone drugs and puberty blockers to children without parental consent or “individualized assessment.” Additionally, the whistleblower provided evidence that the Pediatric Treatment Center was unlawfully billing Missouri taxpayers for the so-called transgender “treatment.” 

Bailey told John Solomon that the whistleblower is a “self-described” progressive who “believes in transgender rights.” So if she is saying that the procedures at the Pediatric Transgender Center “go too far” and children “are being harmed,” then his office has to “take it seriously,” Bailey explained. 

Bailey said the investigation’s focus is on whether these clinics are using experimental drugs on minors without parental consent, which is illegal. He explained that puberty blockers and hormone drugs have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration “for this kind of procedure.” 

Bailey noted that some far-left European nations like England, France, Norway, and Sweden have already abandoned transgender treatment for minors. And yet, in the United States, a “woke left-wing ideology” that is “masquerading as medicine” continues “harming children.”