Air Force One Using Special Stairs For Feeble Biden

According to a story published recently, President Biden has begun using the lowered stairs aboard Air Force One intentionally to make his travel simpler.

According to the report, two of Biden’s aides reportedly privately acknowledged the decision that would direct the octogenarian president to the less steep staircase to facilitate his travel and limit the possibility of tripping and falling.

The media source also noted the president’s recent preference for sneakers over formal shoes.  The shoes were a surrender to comfort brought on by the candidate’s advanced age. According to a source close to the president, Joe Biden used to refuse to wear anything except formal shoes because he thought it made him seem unprofessional. However, he has softened his approach in recent weeks.

After hearing about the rumored shift, a reporter questioned White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre whether the president was experiencing mobility difficulties.  She refused to provide a response.

President Biden has stumbled several times when attempting to ascend the steps of Air Force One.  According to a source, the president’s staff is taking all necessary precautions to prevent embarrassing public displays of the president’s physical weakness.

According to a report, the president utilized the shorter steps that enter the plane’s belly only 37% of the time before his viral journey to the Air Force Academy’s graduation in Colorado.

The report states that of the 37 occasions that Biden has boarded and exited the aircraft in the previous seven weeks, 31 times have been through the shorter steps.

Biden had a minor slip when boarding aircraft in Helsinki, shortly after a watch your step warning was discovered on the stairs.

According to a survey conducted by NBC News last month, sixty-eight percent of likely voters are worried that Biden lacks the mental and physical fitness to be president. Fifty-five percent reported feeling very concerned.

With a low popularity rating of 37%, Biden officially began his reelection campaign in April. By the conclusion of a second term as president, he would be 86 years old.