Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Indictment A Legal Longshot

On Wednesday, a prominent attorney, Alan Dershowitz, said that former President Donald Trump has “no chance” of winning his case in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s historic legal case due to the city’s liberal judicial climate.

He told Fox News’s Sean Hannity, “There’s no way he can receive a fair trial.” He said Trump would lose in New York even if Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Mohammed, Thurgood Marshall, and George Washington argued on his behalf.  

Trump was arraigned on 34 charges of falsifying company documents related to hush-money payments in 2016. Dershowitz’s remarks followed Trump’s arrest on Tuesday.

During an earlier episode on “Hannity,” Dershowitz commented on why he thinks Trump has an uphill struggle.

Dershowitz said that the judge hearing Trump’s case doesn’t want to be a pariah, so he  will be unwilling to move the trial out of Manhattan for fear of being criticized and having his social standing ruined.

Many of Trump’s supporters worry that the prosecution has an unfair edge if they choose a jury from the borough of Manhattan, which voted strongly for President Biden in 2020.

They also said the trial on Staten Island, which is close by, would be more equitable.

Dershowitz said that any reasonable judge would shift the location immediately, but the current court was unwilling to do so. He said a fair judge would dismiss the lawsuit due to the time limit. This judge refuses to comply. His professional reputation is important. He noted that New York’s judges are chosen via the electoral process.

Even while Trump’s legal difficulties may continue in Fulton County, Georgia, and the District of Columbia, Dershowitz also wrote off those cases.

He said that since federal judges are given lifetime appointments, they are more inclined to decide in his favor. “I doubt a judge in a state court would do that. State court jurors probably won’t be brave enough to acquit him.”