Alleged Human Trafficker Avoided Deportation For Decades

Authorities in Oklahoma said on Friday that a wanted man they believe is involved in human trafficking has evaded deportation for decades by adopting a false name.

The human trafficking investigation led to the October 24th arrest of Feng Jiang in New York City, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN). Jiang was wanted on an outstanding warrant. In due course, investigators uncovered his use of a false identity and birthdate spanning more than two decades.

According to OBN Director Donnie Anderson, a fingerprint analysis conducted by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) after his extradition to Oklahoma earlier this month confirmed that the individual in question is Le Feng Jiang. The results also showed that Jaing had a Final Order of Deportation issued to him in 2001 and that he is currently wanted for an outstanding deportation warrant.

In October 2022, officials in Oklahoma City responded to a report about what they believed to be a brothel in a residence. The information led OBN to investigate the site, and Jiang was one of the suspects they were looking into.

From October 2022 to February 2023, investigators monitored the area and found that around twelve women were trafficked there.

OBN named the brothel’s operators as Jiang and another male named Jian Lin. The majority of the brothel’s customers were purportedly high-ranking officials from commercial marijuana fields.
The most recent allegation against Jiang, who resides in New York, is that he continued to traffick women in Oklahoma up until October 2023.

September saw the indictment of Jiang and Lin on two charges of human trafficking apiece. In connection with a recent arrest associated with ketamine distribution, Lin currently faces charges in Canadian County.

According to the DEA, a dissociative anesthetic with mild psychedelic properties, ketamine goes under many names, including Special K.

Ketamine alters one’s sense of hearing and sight and gives the user a dissociative and powerless feeling. This hallucinogen causes patients to feel dissociated from their pain and surroundings, which is why it is called a dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen.

Jiang was apprehended by NYPD last month, but Lin is still at large, wanted on many warrants out of Oklahoma. Although authorities could not provide further information, Lin was reportedly seen in Oklahoma City recently.