Alleged ‘Informants’ Dragged Through The Streets

Two individuals who were allegedly involved in a plot with Israel were fatally shot by Palestinian militants at a refugee camp in the West Bank early Saturday, according to Palestinian sources.

The two suspected informers were in their late twenties or early thirties.

The mobs tried to tie the bleeding bodies to an electricity tower after kicking and dragging them through alleyways. These images, which went viral on social media, brought to mind the mayhem that ensued in the occupied West Bank during the two protracted Palestinian insurrections that began in 1987 and 2000, respectively, and which were followed by Israeli occupation.

Accused informers were publicly executed, and their corpses were exhibited during these times of heightened strife.

In the last seven weeks, Israeli forces have killed more than 230 Palestinians in the West Bank, the majority of them in operations that targeted terrorists. Palestinian health sources said that 25-year-old Shamekh Abu al-Rub was killed on Saturday after Israeli soldiers attacked the village of Qabatiya in the north of the country to apprehend terrorists. The incursion sparked a gunfight. Kamal Abu al-Rub governed the Palestinian city of Jenin and was Abu al-Rub’s father.

In a statement released on Saturday, the family of a suspected informant attempted to clear its name, referring to their loved one as a “malicious finger that we have cut off without sorrow.” According to the family, “We confirm our entire innocence,” and they will not tolerate anybody blaming them for their loved one’s crime.

An internet video purporting to be a confession shows the two guys, who seem exhausted and with lowered gazes, discussing their encounters with Israeli intelligence agents, whom they claim paid them tens of thousands of dollars for confidential information.

Whether by threats of violence or the promise of employment or entrance permits for Israel, the Shin Bet intelligence organization in Israel has a lengthy history of coercing Palestinians into becoming informants.