Americans No Longer Consider “Pride” Morally Acceptable

There has been a decline in the percentage of Republicans and Democrats who see same-sex relationships as “morally acceptable,” according to a Gallup News study.

In the previous year, 71 percent of adults in the United States believed that gay or lesbian relationships were morally acceptable, which was a record high. According to the survey report, the figure has decreased to 64 percent this year, which is the same level as in 2019. Americans’ acceptance of same-sex relations has increased significantly over the years, with 54 percent considering it morally acceptable in 2012 compared to 38 percent in 2002. The percentage has been at or above 60% since 2015.

According to Gallup, the number of people who see same-sex relationships as “morally acceptable” has dropped significantly over the last year, from 56% to 41%. This is the lowest percentage of Republican voters recorded by Gallup since 2014 (39%).

Even while Democrats are far more likely to favor same-sex relationships than Republicans, their support has dropped six percentage points since last year, when 85% of Democrats said same-sex relationships are “morally acceptable.” In 2020, 78% of Democrats said they were accepting of same-sex relationships.

The opinion of same-sex relationships among independent voters has not changed over the previous several years. According to the results of the poll, 73% consider same-sex relationships to be “morally acceptable.”

In Gallup’s annual Values & Beliefs survey, support for gay relationships showed the most significant decline of any moral topic asked.

The survey study notes that although Americans’ views on the morality of most problems have grown more liberal throughout the previous two decades, the views on same-sex partnerships and the use of the death penalty have shifted more dramatically during the past year. 

A recent report of many could be a reason for the change in attitudes reflected in the Gallup poll.

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