Americans Traveling Abroad Warned Of Potential Targeting

A report shows the U.S. State Department issued a global caution advisory to American citizens on Thursday as the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated.

U.S. citizens are urged to take extra safety precautions abroad, according to a statement released by the Department of State, because of rising global tensions and the risk of terrorist attacks, protests, and other violent activities against American persons and interests.

Since August 2022, when a U.S. drone attack killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, this is the first global notice issued by the government.

Alerts were sent on Thursday, stating actions that Americans living or traveling abroad should take and that they should follow the Department of State on social media and be safe while traveling.

STEP has been in place for a long time to safeguard American people abroad. It links participants to communications concerning safety and security issues, as well as activities and services offered by the U.S. Embassy.

STEP also facilitates communication between family and friends in need of assistance and the embassy in times of need.

STEP notifies users of any changes to U.S. travel advisories, in addition to keeping them in contact with the embassy. The purpose of these advisories is to inform American citizens about international developments and provide advice on whether or not it is safe to go to certain countries.

The United States Department of State issued a revised travel recommendation for Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel on October 14.

Potential assaults on Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza are still being planned by terrorist organizations, lone terrorists, and other violent extremists. It is possible that tourist hotspots, transit centers, shops, and government buildings would all be attacked by terrorists and violent extremists with little to no notice. Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza are all vulnerable to violent attacks at any time. Protests have been rising in Israel, and some have occurred with little to no notice.

The advise issues a Level 4 warning, advising its readers not to go to Gaza because of terrorism, civil upheaval, and military confrontation.

Level 3 risk zones include the West Bank and Israel, where visitors are urged to reconsider travel due to terrorism and instability.