Analyst Lists Top 10 Jobs By Wage Growth

Based on analysis by Payscale, some industries saw double-digit wage growth in 2023, including positions in customer service, freelance jobs, and skilled trade, The Hill reported.

In a report ranking the jobs where workers secured on average higher wages in 2023 compared to 2022, Payscale examined salaries for over 774,000 workers and analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The top two jobs on the report, customer service assistant manager and hairstylist, experienced the highest wage growth percentages from 2022 to 2023. However, the positions also recorded the lowest median salaries on the list at $44,200 and $34,300.

A September Bloomberg report noted that retail wages have risen fast in 2023, however, retail workers earn less than the median worker and quit at higher rates.

In its report, Payscale confirmed the high turnover rate in the retail industry and noted that wages for assistant manager positions are likely on the rise due to the high-stress work environments in customer service centers that often lead to workers seeking better positions and higher incomes once they have gained the requisite skills.

Hairstylists faced widespread layoffs during the pandemic lockdowns and many subsequently left to find work in other fields, Payscale said. The resulting shortage in hairstylists likely led to an increase in wage growth.

The pandemic lockdowns also led to a surge in self-employment gigs and freelancing.

The number of Americans reporting being self-employed in 2023 increased by 400,000 compared to the number before the pandemic lockdowns, according to a Center for Economic and Policy research report.

Some of these self-employment positions, like fitness coaches and job coaches, are included in this year’s report from Payscale.

Among the skilled trade jobs to make Payscale’s ranking, the job of master plumber had the highest median salary for 2023, with $82,700.

A Mr. Rooter study cited in the Payscale report found that Americans are opting to hire experienced plumbers rather than handling plumbing issues themselves.