Anna Paulina Luna: Adam Schiff Is a Criminal

The Republican representative for Florida, Anna Paulina Luna, has threatened to hold “criminal” Democrat Adam Schiff responsible for his lies over the Trump-Russia inquiry.

Paulina Luna recently spoke with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on the ongoing attempts to hold Schiff liable for pushing the now-phony Trump-Russia probe despite having no proof.

Luna said she would talk to Adam Schiff and plans to introduce a privileged resolution to find him guilty of lying to Americans and causing damage to the country and foreign relations.  Schiff will face a fine of 16 million dollars. 

Paulina Luna mentioned that he had access to information that she and many of her colleagues didn’t have.  He utilized that position. He helped a corrupt FBI investigate a sitting president.

A May report shows Rep. Adam Schiff was slapped with a $16 million punishment for spreading false claims that Russia helped President Trump win the Presidential election of 2016. 

According to Luna, the amount doesn’t even cover half of the expense of the federal inquiry into possible cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Luna also proposed legislation to oust Democrat Adam Schiff from the House of Representatives following the Durham report, which exposed his persistent lying regarding the Trump-Russia “collusion.”

Schiff has continually deceived the people of the United States by stating that he had “evidence” of collaboration between Trump and Russia.

According to a report, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) got heckled during an April field hearing for the House Judiciary Committee when he started criticizing President Trump.

A guy spoke out during the meeting on the rising crime rate in New York City as Schiff launched his anti-Trump rant.
Schiff claimed that the GOP leadership is acting as Donald J. Trump’s criminal defense team, as they have for the last six years. 

The report noted that a man got up to protest and called Adam Schiff a scumbag. The Capitol police removed him from the session.