Another Boeing Aircraft Faces Emergency

A Delta Airlines Boeing 737 900 had to make an emergency landing after taking off from Aruba for its route to Atlanta because one of its engines failed during take off. Because of a technical problem, the captain had to complete four loops around the island before touching down.

According to an airline representative, Delta Flight DL581 had 168 passengers, four flight attendants, and two pilots. It landed without a hitch and made its way back to the gate. The passengers were compelled to remain in Aruba an additional night before their departure the following day.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said that for Boeing to increase production of the 737 MAX, the company must work on repairs and safety.  After an unusual mid-air crisis involving an Alaska Airlines plane in January, the FAA informed Boeing it was refusing to permit the company to increase 737 MAX production.

A report shows that FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said he will ensure that Boeing is held responsible.

Boeing’s CFO, Brian West, predicted that the planemaker’s 737 production would fall short of the usual 38 per month in the first half of the year. However, in the second half, West predicted the company would get closer to 38 per month, subject to FAA regulations.

According to FAA Administrator Matthew Whitaker, Boeing’s ability to successfully execute these safety culture reforms and raise their quality standards to the required levels will determine the schedule for when the company may increase the 737 MAX manufacturing rate.

A criminal inquiry has been opened by the Justice Department as a result of the cabin panel blowout of a 737 MAX 9 in January.

Whitaker spoke with the CEO of United Airlines after a Boeing 737-800  landed in Oregon on March 15th without an exterior panel.

Although no passengers were injured, this event was only one of many recent disasters on United flights, all of which involved Boeing planes.  A United Boeing 747 erupted in flames from an engine after it took off. Then, a plane dropped its wheel as it took off. Another Boeing jet veered off the runway, yet another aircraft leaked hydraulic fluid. The incidents took place over a period of three months.