Another Mall Stabbing Shocks Australia Shortly After Bondi Mass Killing

In yet another knife assault in an Australian shopping center, a teen was wounded as a group of males reportedly wielding machetes fought with one another.

Just days after a mass shooting at Westfield Bondi Junction, an alleged gang brawl broke out in Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre on Thursday night, making it the second incident at the mall in as many days.

At about 6.10 p.m., six men allegedly began fighting outside a movie theater at the Rosamond Road shopping center, and the brawl then spread to the restaurant area.

It was said that two of the men had machetes in their possession.

A spokesperson for the shopping center said that security arrived at the scene immediately after being notified of an incident on Level One of the center.

‘Minutes after the call was made, the Victoria Police arrived. The spokesperson said the mall will refrain from making any additional statements while they help the Victoria Police with their investigations. Their number one concern at all times is making sure that all customers, vendors, and employees are safe.

Authorities in St. Albans rushed an 18-year-old man to the hospital.

The 17-year-old was charged with several counts of assault and weapons, while three other youths, ages 18 and 17, were also taken into custody at the location.

Upon arrival at the hospital, an 18-year-old guy from St. Albans was treated for what seems to be a knife wound to the arm.

At the scene, police apprehended a male from Deer Park, a child from Braybrook, and another from Sunshine North, all of whom were 18 years old.

The teen from Sunshine North was freed as authorities investigated more.

The juvenile from Braybrook is facing charges of affray, assault, control weapon possession, and willfully inflicting harm.

It is believed that the two warrior groups knew each other.