AOC Sparks Outrage With Latest Video About Conflict

AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are among the individuals Dave Rubin refers to as members of what he labels the “Hamas Caucus.”

Dave Rubin has expressed concern that these individuals might not fully grasp the complexities of the Middle East’s history or the realities on the ground. In a recent video, AOC discussed the role of the United States in the region:

The United States should ensure human rights accountability, prevent any form of ethnic cleansing, and ensure that tragedies aren’t used to further violence and injustice,” AOC commented.
Critics, including Rubin, have pointed out AOC’s perceived focus on Palestinian rights and have questioned her stance on other regional issues, including the plight of Israelis affected by conflict. Rubin mentions his desire for AOC to address other regional concerns, suggesting that her priorities may differ.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Rep. Ilhan Omar have voiced concerns about Israel’s actions. In 2019, Tlaib criticized what she viewed as Israel’s “oppressive policies.” That same year, Omar’s tweet suggested a financial motive behind support for Israel, which some interpreted as perpetuating a stereotype associated with anti-Semitism. Omar later expressed regret for her statement.

Reacting to a tragic explosion, Tlaib tweeted her anguish: “The Baptist Hospital was bombed, leading to a devastating loss of 500 lives, including medical staff and patients. @POTUS, this underscores the urgency of facilitating a ceasefire. This event has profoundly impacted many Palestinian and Muslim Americans, like myself. We will remember this response.”

While some in Congress have alleged that Tlaib and Omar made antisemitic comments, both have emphasized that their remarks stem from a commitment to free speech and support for Palestinian rights. Observers have also pointed out that criticisms of Tlaib and Omar might be influenced by Islamophobia or racism.

Tlaib recently attended a rally advocating for a Gaza ceasefire hosted by the progressive organization Jewish Voice for Peace at the National Mall. A visibly moved Tlaib spoke at the event, expressing her frustration over delays in pushing for a ceasefire resolution in Congress.

In 2020, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s choice to withdraw from a memorial for Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was viewed by some observers as a sign that Palestinian viewpoints are gaining recognition within progressive Democratic groups. While this move has been utilized by some of AOC’s critics in the United States for political reasons, some are genuinely perplexed by her decision.