Armed Robbery Suspects Shoots & Injures Cops, Shot Dead

Authorities in Louisiana said Sunday that a 31-year-old man sought about two shootings had died after a standoff that had injured two civilians and three police officers.

According to Kenner police captain Michael Cunningham, who spoke at a press conference after the killing, Matthew Lathers had been on the run since April 23 due to allegations related to an April 23 incident, including attempted murder and armed robbery.

Kenner is about fifteen miles to the west of New Orleans.

Two civilians were shot by someone inside a property about 9:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to Cunningham, who said that police went to the home where Lather’s family lived. The victims were in a car outside the residence.

According to Cunningham, three policemen were shot as SWAT team members came to execute a search warrant; the agency then called the sheriff’s office for reinforcements.

A robot was sent to locate Lathers, and a SWAT team descended upon the residence. Three SWAT officers were sent to the scene to assist in freeing the immobilized robot from the many cables and wires that had been entangled while entering the property. Lathers reportedly showed up with a gun and started shooting as they were doing that, injuring all three cops.

It is unclear whether Lathers was injured in the altercation; however, at least one SWAT officer returned fire.

As soon as sheriff’s officers from Jefferson Parish arrived, a sniper shot and killed Lathers.

Victims alerted authorities to the source of the gunshots. Their investigation led them to the home of a relative of 31-year-old Matthew Lathers, who had been sought for armed robbery and attempted murder the day before.

According to the authorities, Lathers shot the two people because he mistakenly believed they were the police.

Lathers allegedly started firing at an armored vehicle shortly after the cops arrived. A mediator was sent to engage Lathers in conversation, but all efforts were fruitless.

Cunningham said in the news conference that Lathers was killed Sunday by a sniper after his alleged shooting of two innocent bystanders and subsequent firing on police.