Army Veteran Shares Trump’s Warning to Taliban During Withdrawal

Texas Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt recently explained how then-President Trump threatened to murder the Taliban commander if he were to touch even “a hair” of an American. This incident occurred during the US exit talks from Afghanistan.

Hunt, a veteran and West Point graduate has represented the 38th congressional district of Texas since 2023, recounted the incident while appearing on a recent episode of The Sage Steele Show and promised to tell one of his favorite Trump stories.

While President Trump was in office, he wanted to pull forces out of Afghanistan on a conditional basis, meaning that the Taliban would have to follow specific rules before we could begin to slowly withdraw our forces. This was part of President Trump’s vision for the conditions-based withdrawal.

In the room with the Taliban leadership are President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. At least one interpreter was present in the room. Trump told him his withdrawal from Afghanistan was conditional, and he would do it if they agreed to the terms.  President Trump told the commander of the Taliban that he would kill him if anybody dared to touch an American.  Trump then reached into his pocket, took out a satellite snapshot of the commander’s residence, and presented it to him.

Trump rose from his seat and left the room.

Wesley said that the United States didn’t suffer a fatality in Afghanistan for 18 months. 

KT McFarland, who was Trump’s deputy national security advisor, confirmed the statement in her social media posts.  Trump did threaten to assassinate the Taliban commander if they dared to touch an American. He showed a picture of the Taliban commander’s home using satellite imagery and told him that we knew where he lived.

No combat deaths occurred in Afghanistan from February 2020 to August 2021 until President Biden launched the catastrophic evacuation that let the Taliban murder 13 Americans and seize Kabul.  

Trump and Biden discussed soldier fatalities in their first 2024 presidential debate. Biden forgot all about the 16 soldiers who were killed in attacks during his time in the White House, including 13 in Kabul on Aug. 26, 2021, and three in Jordan five months earlier. A weapons interception mission to Yemen killed two Navy SEALs.