At Least 19 People Shot In Chicago This Weekend

Under the leadership of Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, at least 19 individuals were shot over the weekend in Chicago, with two people losing their lives.

The first weekend homicide occurred on South Carpenter Street at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday. A man, aged 43, was ambushed and shot in the chest and the head while walking through an alley.

On Saturday morning at about 10:45, the second deadly shooting of the weekend occurred in the 1500 block of East 74th Street. Two people, a woman aged 23 and a male aged 24, were shot at by an armed mob. Both managed to get to a hospital, but it was too late for the woman.

From January 1, 2023, through October 7, 2023, 455 deaths were reported in Chicago.

According to the head of the Chicago Police Department’s police union, crime is still a significant problem in the Windy City.

John Catanzara, an outspoken critic of local leaders, is meeting with citizens to find solutions to the crime problem.

Since Brandon Johnson became mayor in May, there has been a dramatic rise in burglaries and auto thefts. The overall crime rate is up 26% from the previous year.
Johnson claimed earlier this month that crime has decreased.

Catanzara noted that statistical indicators of crime decline in some areas may be misleading and that public perception is more important. Since the situation is deteriorating rather than improving, Catanzara remarked that they are open to thoughts and proposals. Despite a decrease in violent crime, residents of this community report feeling less safe than they did a year ago.
This weekend saw 44 individuals shot and two people killed. Up to this point in 2018, 1,977 people have been shot in the city.

Busloads of people who aren’t citizens also arrive in the Windy City from the southern U.S. border, adding to the city’s problems.

Catanzara warned that problems could arise if the city did not intervene.

According to Catanzara, they have taken all measures feasible to lessen the burden that migrants’ lodging poses on police stations and officers. The situation is only projected to worsen in the following six to nine months leading up to the convention.

In the past 13 months, Chicago has seen an influx of almost 16,000.