Athlete’s Watch Causes Controversy For Being Too Lavish

According to a report, it is widely known that LaMelo Ball, a star player for the Charlotte Hornets, certainly enjoys his “Bling.”  Ball has spent well over $500,000 on jewelry, including a cool $150,000 on a UFO chain and a variety of grills, necklaces, and bracelets.

The report described that Ball also has a nice variety of fancy timepieces. The Hong Kong-based luxury watchmaker Memorigin has produced a line of watches bearing his name. The latest watch is reportedly very unattractive, and it will set you back a hefty $6,813.

For example, the nailed chronograph subdials reportedly were replaced with iridescent digits by famous jeweler ZoFrost, and the ‘Cartier’ insignia at 12 o’clock was replaced by a ‘MELO’ logo, among other customizations.

However, the bracelet and bezel set with diamonds are a feast for the eyes. 

Most watch enthusiasts are aware of the fact that aftermarket modifications often lower the value of a timepiece rather than raising it. It is counterintuitive; after all, why would adorning a watch with diamonds make it less valuable? 

According to a jeweler, the origin of anything is crucial.

Paul Altieri, founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches, notes that the prices of diamond-set watches can be affected by factors such as originality and factory-intended condition, in addition to the quality of the gemstones.

In certain situations, diamonds that are customized may reduce the overall worth of a watch. Paul Altieri explains that modifying the bezel and dial of an older-style Rolex Daytona by adding low-quality diamonds would decrease its value.

Additionally, he remarked that if you customize or change a new watch in any way, the factory warranty on the watch may be voided, and in certain instances, the wristwatch will become ineligible for any future factory maintenance that may need to be done.