Authorities Are Investigating Anti-White Violent Text Messages 

( New York City’s Department of Education is looking into the origin of purported anti-white text messages allegedly written by the superintendent for Staten Island schools, the New York Post reported. 

Screenshots of the racist texts, allegedly from District 31 Superintendent Marion Wilson, were sent to Department of Education Chancellor Banks and other city and DoE officials from an encrypted email address. 

In the screenshotted messages, forwarded to the New York Post by two Staten Island school principals, Wilson allegedly vows to get rid of white principals. In one text message allegedly sent by Wilson, she proclaims that the district is no longer a “boys club” and white people need to “get on board or get out.” She also vows to take white principals out “one by one.” In a third text, she celebrates one “white ass” named “Chris” being taken out. 

According to the New York Post, “Chris” appears to refer to Christopher Anzalone, the former executive director of District 31 who was moved to Brooklyn’s District 23. 

After Chancellor Banks removed Christine Loughlin as superintendent of Manhattan’s District 3, Wilson texted that she agreed to “take CL” because she would “keep the white folks off my back.” Loughlin is now serving as District 31’s executive director of school support and operations, the Post reported. 

When the NYC DoE press office contacted Wilson about the emailed screenshots, she denied writing the text messages, claiming that her enemies were attempting to smear her. 

According to the Staten Island Advance, the DoE said that the text messages in the screenshots were fake and the origin of the emails was being probed by the Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) for New York City schools. 

However, according to the New York Post, the SCI “flatly denied” the DoE’s statement, saying that they received a complaint about the emailed text messages but referred the complaint to the DoE “for appropriate action.” The SCI confirmed to the Post that there is an investigation into a related issue, but would not say what that related issue is.