Beneath The FLOOR – Her SHOCKING Discovery!

Something horrific was lurking beneath the floorboards. Audrey, a new Michigan homeowner who recently moved to the northern state from Arkansas with her husband, was disturbed when she found an unusual red stain beneath the tiles in her laundry room—and, next to the stain, several footprints of the same color.

Audrey documented her discovery in a TikTok video that caused something a sensation. In the video, she voiced her worries that the laundry room might have been the site of a murder.

The discovery came after a leak in the laundry room that was so bad lead the couple to pull up the flooring.

Beneath, they discovered the apparent remains of a gory scene. On the TikTok video, Audrey breathlessly narrates the discovery of the footprints, and talks about how much she was freaking out. She begs her audience to tell her that she was being hysterical, and that the stains were paint or some other innocuous substance.

The stains continued beneath the still-glued-down linoleum tiles.

A follow-up video saw Audrey revealing that she’d called the police, who had sent a cop over to her house to inspect the scene. The cop told Audrey that hid department didn’t have a record of any calls originating from her address, nor did they know of anything suspicious that had happened in the area that might result in such a prodigious amount of blood.

He had questions, Audrey said. The police had promised to send technicians who could properly test the blood-like substance.

In the video, Audrey joked via text-over that her hobby of falling asleep to true crime documentaries helped prepare her for this situation.

Audrey learned from neighbors that the previous owner kept a lot of pets in the house who left urine and feces all over the inside of the house.

Then, on July 2nd, Audrey received a call from the crime lab, where she learned, to her relief, that the substance was not human blood—though what it was, they couldn’t say for sure. Some mysteries seem destined to persist.