Biden Admin Spends $2M On Toxic Masculinity And Racism Training

The Biden administration gave a Puerto Rican foundation sponsored by George Soros $2 million to combat structural prejudice and toxic masculinities.

As part of  President Biden’s efforts to reduce violent crime in Puerto Rico, the Department of Justice donated $2 million to Taller Salud, a culturally specific charitable organization run by feminist ideology. Left-leaning organizations like Planned Parenthood and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations have also provided financing in the past.

Founder and Executive Director Tania Rosario Méndez calls herself an anti-racist, environmental justice, and gender equality activist on Instagram.

The charity organization Peace Accords will utilize the donated money to create a  violence intervention program. More specifically, at least forty boys in the age range of fifteen to thirty in Puerto Rico will be able to benefit from Taller Salud’s public education programs that will be funded by the grant money.

The three-year program is expected to train 120 men at a cost of $17,000 apiece, or about $3,000 more than the yearly per capita income in Puerto Rico.

Forty percent of Puerto Ricans are classified as low-income by the Census Bureau.

According to a report, the Biden administration often uses public funds to support progressive initiatives in other countries. In May, the United States Embassy in Brazil made the announcement that it would be providing financing for transgender activists to take English classes. 

The State Department started a program with a budget in the multiple millions of dollars to teach gender studies to Iraqis. Additionally, in an effort to persuade listeners to the left, the government has provided financial support to international podcasts that discuss topics such as climate change.

The Soros family gives much of their money to the Open Society Foundation, which describes itself as a “charitable” organization. Soros has devoted a significant amount of money to progressive causes, including a nationwide drive to elect prosecutors who are less inclined to pursue violent criminals, which in turn leads to an increase in the overall rate of crime.