Biden Business Partner Confirms Influence Peddling Rumor

Tony Bobulinski, a former business colleague of Hunter Biden, acknowledged during his testimony before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees that the Biden family, with Joe Biden’s knowledge and cooperation, used President Biden’s name to leverage Hunter’s business dealings– and Joe, the Big Guy, knew all about it.

According to Bobulinski, the Biden family violated the Constitution by using Joe Biden’s name and position to promote foreign interests. As part of the bribery allegations, he said the Bidens were associated with the Chinese Communist Party and the China Energy Company (CEFC).

As the House GOP investigates the possibility of Biden’s impeachment, the DOJ has begun requesting testimony via subpoenas. The dishonorable treatment of Bobulinski by House Democrats and their staff starkly contrasted his credible evidence. He sent thousands of papers, images, and text messages to the FBI in 2023; he subsequently elaborated on this.

Interactions with other American business colleagues of the Bidens verified to congressional interviewers that Joe Biden met with international business partners. As pointed out by Bobulinski at Joe Biden’s first public offering in 2020, the foreigners were being sold “the brand” of Joe Biden, who is widely recognized as “the big guy” in the commercial venture. Bobulinski claims that Hunter often referred to his father as his “chairman.”

Regardless of the abundance of evidence, the Department of Justice never again reached out to Bobulinski. David Weiss, the special counsel supervising the Hunter investigation and a former U.S. attorney, and Bobulinski never spoke. Weiss was the one who leveled subtle and unfounded claims against Hunter, and he then narrowed his focus to charges unrelated to his father because the deadline for agreements that Joe Biden was said to have helped organize had passed.

Taking a cue from Biden’s probable presidential opponent, the Democrats are set on ensuring that all citizens, regardless of socioeconomic standing, must adhere to the same legal standards. “No one is above the law.”

It is imperative that the House and Senate majorities, whether Republican or Democratic, hold the Justice Department to account for its obvious investigative shortcomings and treat Biden’s conduct as possibly impeachable.