Biden Calls Congresswoman “Jonah” Multiple Times

On Monday, Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment was on full display as he made blunder after gaffe, struggled to comprehend and verbalize phrases, and at one point referred to Democratic Rep. Jahana Hayes as “Jonah” six times.

A handler had inserted into Biden’s speech to call on Hayes, who had earned the Teacher of the Year award in 2016 because the White House was celebrating the 2023 Teachers of the Year from the Council of Chief State School Officers.

Her name is pronounced Juh-han-uh. The closest Biden could get was to mumble Jonah. It didn’t dawn on him that that’s a guy’s name. 

He also brutalized the last name, pronouncing it ‘Hayzes.’

Biden also mentioned being able to name a teacher who had once believed in him, although he failed to do so later in his address. The Biden anecdote, filled with untruths and exaggerations, was forgotten.

Last year, Biden called on a representative who had already passed away.

There is some excitement about seeing the 80-year-old Biden hit the national scene again after years of linguistic gaffes and weird conduct, and he is anticipated to announce his campaign as soon as this week. Gaffe-trackers love Biden. There is so much to catalog.

Polls show that less than half of Democrats think Biden should run for reelection, with the majority thinking it’s time to retire him.

At a White House speech in early February, Biden strangely claimed that “more than half the women” on his staff “are women.” (When placed in the context of Biden’s “modern society,” such a gaffe may not even be a gaffe.)

In early March, Biden was criticized for laughing about a mother who had lost two children to fentanyl during a speech at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference.

When campaigning with former President Barack Obama in Missouri in 2013, President Joe Biden told a Democratic state Senator who is paralyzed (Chuck Graham) to “stand up, Chuck” during a rally. 

On some level, Biden is hugely entertaining until you realize he is the guy in charge.