Biden Hosts Odd Non-Halloween Event On Halloween

On Monday, the First Lady, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and authors hosted an event called “Hallo-READ!” at the White House.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted the Halloween event at the White House, where children gathered to collect candy and books.

The White House stated that the Hallow-READ theme and decorations showcasing well-known literary characters, spooky stories, and ghost story time were the brainchild of Jill Biden, a lifelong educator.

Instrumental versions of Halloween hits, including “Thriller” and “Monster Mash,” were performed by a military band.

Eight thousand guests were expected at the White House; however, the number of guests was not disclosed.

The National Confectioners Association and its member companies supplied an abundance of chocolate candies and other sugary delicacies, and many federal offices and organizations participated by setting up kiosks on the south grounds.

Scholastic donated the books.

Jill Biden donned a gray frock, cat ears, a nose, whiskers, and a tail to portray the couple’s cat, Willow. The President did not wear a costume. Karine Jeanne-Pierre dressed as an angel with wings and a halo.

Jill read the kids’ book Ten Spooky Pumpkins aloud on the South Lawn before handing out gifts.

The president and first lady spent the next 90 minutes or so greeting invited children from public schools and military families after she completed reading.

As the kids in costume approached the driveway, Biden gave out candy in tiny boxes with the presidential seal. The First Lady did some book distribution.

A TikTok video created by social media user Brooke Smith (@balayne81) featuring three children in Halloween costumes, one as the president and the others as his presidential detail, has gone viral.

More than 10.2 million people have watched the viral video of the child in a Joe Biden costume being escorted by two of his classmates in full body armor.

Biden is strolling with his security detail behind him at the beginning of the video before he suddenly swerves to the right and collapses.

His guards come quickly to his aid and assist him in standing.