Biden Issues Day Of Remembrance For Trans People

On Monday, President Biden recognized the Transgender Day of Remembrance and voiced his worry about the alarming amount of violence transgender people endure.

President Biden issued a statement saying that hatred has no place in the United States and that people should not be treated unfairly because of who they are.

He continued by saying his White House remembers the 26 transgender Americans who have passed away this year on Transgender Day of Remembrance. He said they are also reminded of the long road ahead in fulfilling that promise. He noted that although every fatality is very saddening, it is likely that there were more, most of whom were women of color.

Reversing the ban on transgender people serving in the military and extending civil rights for all LGBTQ Americans via executive action were among the measures that Biden cited as examples of his administration’s commitment to LGBTQ rights.

Biden referenced the establishment of the LGBTQI+ Community Safety Partnership. The Judicial, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services departments work together in this alliance. Its goal is to provide safety resources in collaboration with local groups.

Biden emphasized that we must never remain quiet in the face of hatred. He said that, tragically, many transgender Americans have died too soon this year, adding that we should use the opportunity to mourn their loss while also recommitting ourselves to fighting for a world free of prejudice.

In his remarks, Biden brought attention to the fact that states controlled by Republicans have lately curbed transgender rights and that Republican presidential contenders have campaigned on a platform of reducing funding for gender-affirming healthcare and denouncing the participation of transgender girls and women in athletic programs.

Over a hundred state measures have been submitted this year to restrict access to healthcare, as the American Civil Liberties Union reported. Biden claimed that transgender people of all ages need gender-affirming treatment, and the majority of big medical groups believe that it is safe.