Biden Operatives Are Planning Illegal Immigration, Coordinating It

According to reports, the Border Patrol has coordinated with its Mexican counterparts to ensure the safe entry of hundreds of illegal immigrants into the United States.

Mexican authorities say that border patrol personnel use encrypted messaging apps to communicate with Mexican authorities across the border to assist in migrants’ safe passage.

Law enforcement in Mexico said that U.S. officials implemented the “controlled-flow” method to prevent the Border Patrol processing stations from becoming overloaded.

A U.S. policy of “controlled flow” with Mexico, as implemented by the Department of Homeland Security under the Biden administration, demonstrates the formal surrender to illegal immigration, said the Center for Immigration Studies. (CIS)

The Biden administration is displaying an official willingness to an open border, and there is no effort to discourage or block it, which the law requires.

According to CIS’s Todd Bensman, the tactic has sparked tensions between federal authorities and the Texas Tactical Border Force, a special border response squad of national guardsmen authorized by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Biden is undermining his Border Patrol by refusing to allow them to secure the border. He is breaking the law.

On Wednesday, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz ordered mass parole of asylum-seekers in areas overwhelmed by the influx of new arrivals. Parolees can travel to remote regions of the United States without a court date or GPS monitoring device. They are released on their recognizance with instructions to follow up with an immigration official within a set time.

According to a leaked internal memo from CBP chief Ortiz on May 10, 2023, the United States Border Patrol has an average of nearly 9,000 incidents daily with illegals trying to cross the border.

This week, the Biden administration brought back a regulation that severely limited asylum requests during the Trump administration. In a new regulation published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, migrants who did not seek asylum in countries like Mexico on their way to the United States would be denied refuge in the United States.

It sounds good on paper, but Biden is opening the floodgates in practice.