Biden Slams Trump During Labor Day Speech

On Labor Day, President Biden strangely attacked former President Trump by calling him a big real estate developer who didn’t build anything.

According to a report, even as he falsely proclaimed himself to be the United States’ infrastructure king, President Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump, the leader of a New York City real estate empire and architect of the country’s border wall with Mexico.

Even though part of Trump’s agenda tariffed Chinese imports, decoupled from China, and opposed offshore jobs, President Joe Biden said that Trump shipped employment opportunities to China during his term.

Biden said he was labeled “Middle-Class Joe” as a slur.

He then stated that it pretty much describes who he is. Being middle class indicates hard effort but not a lack of sophistication. And a family has to struggle to make it.

Biden has long called himself “Middle-Class Joe” despite having lived in a 10,000-square-foot house formerly owned by the DuPont family in 1974, one year he was elected to the Senate.

The 2024 Republican presidential campaign will likely center on allegations that Joe Biden’s family accepted tens of millions of bribes and cash from dubious foreign business partners, including those in Ukraine, Russia, and China.

The House Oversight Committee disclosed in August that President Biden’s family and friends had pulled in a minimum of twenty million dollars from international sources, notably first son Hunter Biden’s business contacts in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine, some of which sat with then-Vice President Biden.

According to a report, former White House communications director Kate Bedingfield’s email exchange with Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin has now been discovered. According to an email sent in 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden approved a statement denying any knowledge of his son’s business affairs.

This email is particularly damaging since it demonstrates, once again, that Joe Biden was fully apprised of developments throughout the whole affair. Why would the VP of communications write an email to Eric Schwerin to confirm this if Biden was unaware of Hunter’s business deals?