Biden Snaps at Reporter During Press Conference

Joe Biden and the press have been at odds recently. Hunter Biden is in the crosshairs of the Justice Department for taxes and gun-related issues.

Biden is also battling the House and Senate over questions about his family business practices. The president got agitated when a reporter questioned him on the debt meetings between Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

The debt ceiling is always a political football between the two parties. Democrats want an increase to buy votes with social programs to spend in the upcoming 2024 election.

The government reached the debt ceiling in January, but the Department of Treasury institutes “extraordinary measures” to prevent the US Government from defaulting on its obligations. The extraordinary measures are scheduled to expire in June.

House Republicans are holding out, determined not to raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts. The Republicans want to return to the levels of 2022. 

Biden and a reporter traded jabs back and forth in a video, with Biden asking the reporter about McCarthy’s proposed debt ceiling cuts. The reporter put it back on Biden asking about any “room for negotiation.” 

Biden then went into talking points campaign mode, listing various cuts and policies he feels his administration has accomplished. 

Biden criticized the reporter telling her she didn’t listen. He then confused two points combining one on raising taxes on those making $400 thousand with 55 corporations making $40 billion in profits. 

On May 10, Biden delivered remarks to a favorable audience in Valhalla, New York, on the current negotiations on the debt ceiling and the federal budget.

Biden continues to refer to GOP supporters as “MAGA Republicans.” He continues to think that the Republicans will cut Medicare and Social Security.

President Biden would like to see an increase in mortgage fees for the wealthy to offset the fees for those not so wealthy.

The House of Representatives has reached the breaking point with unbridled government spending. Congress will not allow the federal government to default. The question is, what will the final agreement look like?