Biden’s Ukraine Strategy Appears Ineffective

A very ominous turn occurred earlier this month in news emanating from the battlefields of the Russian-Ukrainian War.

In an interview with a UK media outlet,  a Ukrainian soldier disclosed that the northern frontlines are suffering heavy fatalities due to a new Russian weapon. The soldiers are barely able to maintain their position.

According to him, there were so many casualties that it would be impossible to gather up all of the dead. Although some fortification remains in Ukraine, many analysts believe it will not last.

According to Blaine Holt, a former U.S. Air Force general and current contributor to Newsmax, Russia’s economy has transformed into a military model. Global conflict rates are being met with their weapon production.  Despite the conflict, Russia’s economy is strengthening.

Glide bombs are the newest offensive weapon used by Russia. These bombs may reach a weight of over 6 thousand pounds.

To keep its assault planes out of harm’s way and pound Ukrainian defenses, Russia has relied more and more on glide-bomb missions.

This lethal technique has helped Moscow achieve recent military successes and highlights Russia’s capacity to adapt to its troops’ limitations. Russian glide bombs can reach ranges much beyond artillery, allowing them to bombard defended locations from afar and avoid being hit by Ukraine’s surface-to-air missiles. Russia’s firepower more than compensates for its lack of precision.

Reports show that Russia was preparing an invasion, and the Biden administration began openly and aggressively warning the world about it in December 2021. Alternatively, the Biden administration might have sent the Navy to display force as a deterrence, expedited Ukraine’s accession to NATO, or supplied Ukraine with military hardware. Instead, it chose to launch an extensive public awareness campaign. The goal was to discourage Russia from creating a pretext for an invasion.

The Biden administration said the invasion was unprovoked, and more than two years have passed since it started on February 24, 2022.  They believed they could weaken Russia’s military might by intervening in Ukraine.  Their original assumption was that it would provoke a regime change. Instead, Putin won reelection.