Billionaire Sends Chilling Warning Over Impending Crisis

Economically, the domestic economy remains in a flux, as inflation continues to devalue the dollar and hurt the middle class. The quality of life across the country is on a sharp decline, and crime levels increase. As the year 2024 nears the end of the first month of January, the Republican primary appears clearly decided although still technically “contested”. Trump continues to enjoy a 40-point lead over his nearest opponent. In the Democratic field, the incumbent president Joe Biden remains the frontrunner for the party nomination, and he faces only limited opposition from Robert Kennedy Jr.. Despite this, he remains vulnerable and is unpopular, with recent polls showing the president to carry a large disapproval rating.

In the midst of his struggles, House Republicans have begun impeachment inquiries into Biden. Predictably, Democrats vocally opposed these proceedings, declaring them to be a serious waste of time, and even called them “illegitimate”. Hakeem Jeffries, the progressive far-left leader of the Democratic House of Representatives minority, called the Republicans “extremists”, and accused the Republicans of threatening to orchestrate an “extreme MAGA government-shutdown”. The proceedings concern Biden and his knowledge of his son’s corrupt business dealings while he served as Vice President. It appears Democrats have a short memory; they themselves set historic precedent by impeaching President Trump several times with scant evidence during his presidency. Whether it be the now widely disproven “Russia hoax”, a benign phone call with the Ukrainian leader Zelensky, or the events of January 6th, extreme progressives tried every trick in the book to damage Trump. Even now, four criminal indictments, which are highly politicized, have been levied against Trump; many judicial officials feel that the cases against him are weak at best.

As the antics surrounding Trump and Biden continue as the election nears, a billionaire investor named Leon Cooperman argued on Fox Business that America is heading towards a “financial crisis”. Ultimately, global affairs are quite volatile.