Boebert Accused Of Selfish Political Intentions

Democratic candidate Adam Frisch has levied some heavy criticism at his one-time opponent in the upcoming race for a seat on the House of Representatives in Colorado’s third congressional district.

This week, incumbent Republican Representative Lauren Boebert announced she would be switching districts during the 2024 election cycle to the fourth congressional district. In doing so, she’ll be avoiding another face-off with Frisch, who she narrowly defeated during the 2022 midterm elections.

The new congressional district where Boebert will be running is a strong conservative district, while her soon-to-be previous district was not.

Following Boebert’s announcement, Frisch took to the social media platform X to criticize her decision. He wrote:

“This just proves Lauren Boebert was never committed to the communities of CO03. She is only in politics for herself.”

He even released a separate statement on the situation, saying:

“Boebert is running scared from CD-3 because she knows she can’t match our campaign’s ability to connect with voters and the hard work we have put in to provide them with a common sense voice in Congress.”

Boebert has been far behind Frisch in fundraising leading up to what was supposed to be their second straight showdown. Campaign finance reports showed that Boebert has only raised $2.2 million, compared to Frisch’s $7.7 million.

Much of the money that Frisch has been able to raise has come from Hollywood executives and stars who don’t even live in Colorado. All of these people were simply trying to get her to lose and not be in Congress any more.

Boebert touched on that fact when she said she didn’t “arrive at this decision easily” but was driven by “Hollywood elites and progressive money groups” that were trying to buy the seat in the 3rd District.

She announced the switch in districts via video, in which she said:

“It’s the right move for me personally, and it’s the right decision for those who support our conservative movement. Colorado’s 4th District is hungry for an unapologetic defender of freedom with a proven track record of standing strong for conservative principles.”

In the 4th District, Boebert now joins a crowded field of candidates searching to replace Representative Ken Buck, who announced he would be retiring when his current term expires.

Whoever is able to win the GOP primary in the district is all but assumed to win the general election.

Boebert’s change in districts is not something that has been welcomed by the Colorado Republican Party. Its chair, Dave Williamson, commented:

“From a party perspective, we certainly don’t think it was the best move. We felt that she was best suited for Congressional District Three and that she was in the best position to win re-election and retain that for Republicans.”

Her switch means that Frisch has the inside track on her current seat, which would result in a flip in Congress. That could hurt the GOP as a whole, especially as the party only has a narrow majority in the House right now.