BOMB Threat – Trump-Linked Judge Targeted!

Over the last several years, the state of American politics has truly deteriorated. Indeed, the cultural, political, fiscal and social conditions- basically every aspect of everyday life within the nation have worsened and declined. During the tenure of the leadership of the former president Joe Biden, rampant inflation has crushed the nation, and prices have skyrocketed. In every industry, there has been a carry-over effect- this has been especially true for small businesses. In the restaurant industry, prices have continued to rise faster than the rate of inflation. In the fall of 2023, “eat out” food (in comparison to groceries) rose even faster in price than in supermarkets. Restaurants have been squeezed hard, enduring a 6% rise between September 2022 and 2023.

Perhaps the most serious crisis (and worse in many areas of the country instead of others) economically speaking remains the housing market. As average Americans continue to struggle to afford even the most basic of necessities and many are living paycheck to paycheck, housing prices have soared with rising interest rates over the last several years. Currently, for families earning near the median national income of around seventy thousand annually, the price of home ownership has soared to such an extent that it is simply unaffordable in most of the country. One prominent entrepreneur claims a “crash” could be coming.

The decline within the country has affected the judiciary. Many controversial rulings have occured over the last several years, and it has often appeared that many federal judges have been weaponized against average citizens while foreigners (especially entering illegally at the southern border) continue to receive more favorable treatment.  One judge tied to the former president Donald Trump received “bomb threats”. Arthur F. Engoron (the judge presiding over Trump’s civil bank fraud case) received the threats. If convicted, this would be the first case in American history in which fraud was found in which there was no victim.