Border Numbers Cool As Mexico Enforces Law

It is no secret that the United States has experienced a lengthy period of economic and political unrest over the last several years. Economically, inflation has gripped the nation and hurt the middle class and working classes of people especially. Politically, the judicial institutions appear to have been heavily politicized in a worrying development. In an unprecedented act, the former president Donald Trump was removed from the primary ballot in the state of Colorado after the states Supreme Court questionably cited the 14th amendment and claimed Trump committed an “insurrection” against the United States. Trump has been found guilty of nothing and has not enjoyed due process rights guaranteed by the 5th amendment- these things occurred in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany. In those places throughout history, the courts were routinely weaponized against people who could challenge the political establishment and may threaten their ultimate control.

Economically, America is in shambles. The wealthier Americans within the country continue to grow richer as the income gap widens. 60% of citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. Legal and illegal migration continue to hurt the working class, and cheap labor continues to remain plentiful in the country in the form of illegal migrants. Beginning many decades ago immigration and free trade policies that have eroded the American working class and the national manufacturing industry. The working class has been crippled as cities have been on the decline.

Tens of thousands of illegals continue to arrive on a daily basis. President Joe Biden and the federal government continue to appear unable to address the mounting problem and stop the flow of migrants. While Biden appears unwilling to enforce immigration laws, the country of Mexico has at least apprehended some migrants. The crisis continues to unfold every day. People from all over the world have been apprehended near the border and even Iranian nationals on the terrorist watch list were among those trying to enter.