Brutal And Senseless Murder Horrifies Officials

Shawn Cranston, a Pennsylvania man, was detained on Saturday and accused of killing his 23-year-old Amish wife, Rebekah Byler, who was pregnant at the time. According to reports, Byler was dead at her remote farmhouse in February, but the cause of the crime has not yet been determined.

Rebekah’s husband, Andy Byler, found her lying on her back in a pool of blood in the living room of the residence, according to an affidavit. Investigators, upon arrival, discovered her unresponsive inside.

Her throat had been slit, and the investigating authorities reported that a scalping-type wound was found on her head, according to court documents.

Cranston’s home near Corry, approximately ten miles north of the killing scene, was searched by state police. An affidavit of probable cause was not included in the criminal complaint filed in this instance. Byler lives in Sparta Township, located south of Spartansburg and west of Route 89.

Cranston is charged with murder and burglary.

Just before 12:30 p.m. on Monday, a female friend contacted 911. The call was then forwarded to state police.

Byler’s autopsy was conducted in Erie County on Tuesday, but neither the state police nor Crawford County authorities would comment on the results, including the reason and potential method of Byler’s death. Firemen blocked off a section of the road while state police searched Cranston’s Corry residence.

If found guilty on all counts, Cranston may spend up to 20 years in jail for burglary, up to seven years for criminal trespass, and life in prison for the two homicide accusations. Because he is accused of killing someone, he is being held without posting a bond.

A woman, the foster daughter of Cranston, expressed her belief that the killing was a case of mistaken identity. Cranston’s grandson was adopted by a family who had resided at the Bylers’ house a few years prior, and the Post said that Cranston wanted his grandson back.

He was taken into custody outside the Dollar General store near Cranston’s house.