Cannabis Killer Makes Shocking Revelation

A woman has escaped prison time after fatally stabbing her partner Chad O’Melia 108 times during a psychotic episode allegedly brought on by marijuana.

Brittany Spejcher, a lady from California, has come clean about the strain of marijuana she used, which had a THC content of more than 30%. The strain was marked as “High Tolerance Users Only” on the label due to its exceptionally high THC concentration, which was above the typical range of 18–24%.

Judge David Worley of the Ventura County Superior Court found that in the involuntary manslaughter case, Spejcher had no control over her actions. Many say she had control over whether to take a drug that could have adverse effects.

When deputies arrived at Spejcher’s residence, she was already unconscious, and she had also brutally stabbed herself and her dog many times. Four analysts described the aggression displayed by Spejcher as “unpredictable” and “unforeseeable.”

Before the deadly stabbing, Spejcher had used marijuana less than six times. Her attorneys were questioned about how their client’s case differed from a fatal drunk driving accident, which Goldstein explained by saying one is aware of what alcohol can do to a driver.

The system “completely failed” O’Melia, according to his father, Sean O’Melia. Spejcher was sentenced to two years of probation, 100 hours of community service, and no jail time following a jury’s verdict of involuntary manslaughter.

The judge, he claimed, failed in his duty.

Adult recreational users must be 21 or older, and those who use it for medical purposes must be 18 or older, according to California law.

According to Spejcher’s defense lawyers, their client was “involuntarily intoxicated” and said that O’Melia had coerced and threatened her into smoking the remaining marijuana.

Spejcher conveyed brokenness at the sentencing hearing, displaying much remorse and regret for her actions.

Spejcher apologized to O’Melia’s family on Tuesday at the sentencing hearing.