Children Taken Away From Scene With Dead Trans Person

A Boston city councilor reported that four youngsters were found hiding in a small back room of a house full of alcohol, drugs, sex toys, and the body of a trans woman.

A city councilor, Erin Murphy, reported that when emergency personnel responded to the house for a reported cardiac arrest, they heard children “crying for help.” 

A   was in cardiac arrest; first responders could not revive her.

Murphy informed the media that they found ” sex toys and drug paraphernalia all around” and that a firefighter had reported hearing a “cry for help.” 

The adults in the apartment allegedly did not want emergency personnel to go toward the children pleading for help from the apartment’s rear room, a fact that was disturbing to Murphy.

The apartment was filthy and unfit for human habitation. First responders noted that “approximately six adults, all of whom appeared to be males pretending to be women, were seen in the apartment” and that a male hid children from first responders.

The youngsters discovered within the house varied in age from five to ten.

All the grownups involved were refusing to cooperate or offer any relevant details. First responders noted that “all adults present denied having children inside the apartment.”

According to the source, the crew reported a case of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Councilor Murphy requested information from the Boston Housing Authority to understand how this might have happened in public housing.

According to reports, the city’s Department of Youngsters and Families “has taken custody of the children who live in the home.”

Neighbors say they saw something suspicious in the apartment over the weekend, but they would not go further. 

The individual in cardiac arrest was a black male who identified as a woman.

First responders gave the victim CPR, but their efforts were fruitless. The Boston Police are still investigating the death.

Public Safety Chairman Flaherty informed the media that the guy apparently died of a drug overdose and that a male with a wig claimed to be the father of the children found in the residence.