Chris Christie Downplays Reliability Of Poll Data

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie last weekend dismissed the predictions that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, pointing to the raft of criminal charges the former president faces and the unreliability of polling in recent years, The Hill reported.

While appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on December 3, Christie dismissed the suggestion that he should drop out of the GOP primaries to consolidate behind a single candidate, saying the GOP does not have an incumbent running in 2024.

When “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan suggested that this primary is different since while Trump is not being an incumbent, he is the frontrunner and enjoys some of the advantages an incumbent president has, Christie disagreed.

Christie said another difference in the 2024 primary is that the current frontrunner is facing 91 criminal charges and the trial that begins right before Super Tuesday will have his former chief of staff testifying against him.

The former New Jersey governor suggested that Trump’s indictments change the calculus so much that anyone who tries to predict the 2024 race “is just shooting in the dark.”

Christie added that we won’t know how Trump’s legal problems will affect the race until Republican voters start going to the polls in the primaries. He noted that if voters had listened to the polling in 2016, Hillary Clinton would probably be in the middle of her second term in office right now.

He told Margaret Brennan that he doesn’t believe the current crop of polls are “nearly as reliable” as they once were and suggested that respondents may not be telling the truth when they speak to pollsters.

Christie added that those who are making decisions based on the polls “are just wrong.” He said voters should be concerned about the direction of the country, adding that if voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction, they shouldn’t vote for either Biden or Trump since they were the ones who “put us in this direction.”