Chris Wallace Says Third-Party Might Send Trump To Victory

CNN host Chris Wallace remarked on Wednesday night’s episode of CNN Primetime that Cornell West’s campaign, or if Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) ran for president, it would help former President Donald Trump and damage Joe Biden. 

Wallace explained that In a three- or four-way race, most think that these people would siphon more votes from President Biden than from Trump. Which obviously hurts Biden and boosts Trump’s chances of winning the swing states. This has to be terrifying to Joe Biden.

According to a report, the potential impact of a third-party candidate on the 2024 presidential election is large.  

At least two potential successors to the presidency have surfaced as an alternative to Joe Biden and Donald Trump facing off again: Cornel West, a prominent public thinker and political leftist, has announced a candidacy for the Green Party’s nomination, while the nonpartisan No Labels movement is working toward presenting a centrist presidential ticket.

Democrats are worried that if people support any of these campaigns, they won’t choose to support Joe Biden against Donald Trump.  

Preliminary data show that the West and or No Labels campaign may steal some of Biden’s undecided voters in a rematch with Trump. Whether or whether this might be considered a spoiler is another matter. Historically and intuitively, these spoiler candidates have had the most significant impact when the overall election was tight. However, tight elections have become the norm in today’s politically polarized climate, increasing the likelihood of a spoiler candidate.

Five polls have been conducted since late May to evaluate prospective candidates for both the No Labels ticket and West’s Green Party candidacy. 

When compared head-to-head with Trump, Biden has either had a slight advantage or been statistically tied in all polls. But when pollsters included West or a possible No Labels candidate like Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin or former Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Trump’s support increased, and he became the frontrunner.