CNN CEO Facing Intense Backlash

CNN’s Oliver Darcy said on Wednesday night that CNN was receiving a firestorm of criticism inside the organization due to Tuesday night’s town hall featuring former President Donald Trump.

Darcy, writing through his anger in CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter, found it difficult to see how the evening’s spectacle of falsehoods presented on CNN was beneficial to the United States.

Darcy lauded CNN’s tough and knowledgeable host Kaitlan Collins over her attempts to fact-check Trump’s remarks, but he also noted that Collins was put in an awkward position because the majority of the audience was made up of Republicans who applauded and laughed at the former president.

Darcy said that CNN and new network leader Chris Licht face a firestorm of criticism, both internally and internationally, because of the incident, and that it will be critical to see how Licht and CNN managers respond to the backlash in the days and weeks to come.

A CNN representative lauded Collins’s participation in the town hall meeting in a statement released on Wednesday.

CNN’s live broadcast with Trump has been met with criticism from politicians, journalists, and spectators who say the network let Trump take over the conversation.

On the other side, Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday night that President Trump made his long-awaited return to CNN. After months of bad press and deep state attacks, the legacy media hoped to bring the former president down for good.

Instead, President Trump revitalized his campaign by bulldozing CNN commentator Kaitlan Collins.

The Last Refuge reports that CNN’s constant criticism of Donald Trump as a presidential contender lasted all of 2016.

Trump was victorious, and the following four years of Trump’s administration were spent by CNN trying to bring him down. 

CNN has apparently learned nothing in the last seven years since they have invited Donald Trump back and sent Kaitlin Collins on stage with explicit instructions to be disrespectful. Trump, unfazed, shreds the attempt. And the spectators had a great time.

At the 70-minute mark, CNN gave up and stopped the show.  The lefties on the reviewing panels then went into full-on panic mode, clutching their pearls.