CNN Fact-Checker Told To “F*** Off” By Congress Member! 

( A spokeswoman for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) got into a heated discussion with CNN senior correspondent Daniel Dale, ordering him to “f*ck off” for fact-checking the congresswoman’s previous false statements. Dale had asked the spokesperson about the congresswoman’s comments when she dropped the “f-bomb.” 

Dale contacted Greene’s office because of a tweet she had written about a mother who testified before a congressional committee about the deaths of her two children from a fentanyl overdose. Greene blamed the Biden administration’s failure to safeguard our border and stop the Cartels from murdering Americans daily. 

Dale pointed out that the year 2020 when both of the woman’s sons died, was during the administration of former President Donald Trump and not the current government of President Joe Biden. 

Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer, had an intriguing reply to the CNN reporter’s inquiry. Dale retweeted a tweet from Dyer on Wednesday, claiming that many people had died from drug overdoses under the Biden administration and asking, “do you think they give a f*ck about your bullshit fact-checking?” 

Dale responded with a second tweet, stating that he had also enquired about Greene’s statements the day before. He insulted an election official from Georgia, Gabriel Sterling, and promoted insane conspiracy theories about the approaching 2020 election. Greene even said that “Trump won Georgia!” and claimed that “thousands” of dead people voted in Georgia.  

Sterling’s sarcastic retort to Greene’s claim was that “there were four” and was accompanied by a photo of him drinking a Coke. 

Dale claims that Dyer responded to his question with another four-letter comment, which Dale took as “Fuck off.” 

Meanwhile, former RNC head Michael Steele slammed Rep. MTG on Thursday, saying the divisive firebrand lawmaker should “just shut the hell up.” 

Steele chastised Greene on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” for advocating a “national divorce” that would divide the country into red and blue states. Greene, he added, has become an embarrassing weight on the Party and should reconsider her stance.