CNN Host Presses Rep. Jayapal Over Hamas Response

As the Christmas season nears it’s apex, and the final month of December of the calendar year of 2023 passes it’s midpoint, the physical and mental focus of a majority of Americans is most likely directed towards the upcoming Christmas holiday, time spent with family, the purchasing and giving of gifts, and the partaking in the various annual festivities associate with the holiday. Historically, Christmas has been a Christian celebration based around the celebration of the birth of Christ, and while the holiday is not as important as the Easter season for members of the faith, in Christian nations the day has long held a place of importance and reverence. In the modern western world and especially the United States, the holiday has become extremely commercialized over the last century, and it has largely lost much of its religious significance for many people as the nation continues to homogenize and the influence of Christianity and organized religion continues to wane.

Still, in the modern sense more than anything the Christmas holiday and the season is an annual display of the vast wealth that the people of the United States still enjoy in comparison to the rest of the world. While many Americans are financially struggling in the present as rampant inflation continues to crush the working class, the nation still wields the largest consumer market in the world and vast amounts of money is spent this time of year.

In reality, many average citizens cannot fathom how fortunate they are to live in the United States- especially in the present. While domestic unrest and political tensions have increased and worsened over the last few years, on the mainland and everywhere in the United States people live in relative peace. In eastern Europe and the middle east, war rages on. One Democrat congresswoman Pramila Jaypal appeared on CNN and claimed that the sexual violence Hamas committed on Israeli women was fabricated.