Comer Claims Hunter Biden Indictment Is a Small Start

Last Thursday, Special Counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three federal firearms charges, weeks after a plea deal that would have averted a trial fell apart, NBC News reported.

The indictment, filed in federal court in Delaware, accuses Biden of lying about his drug addiction on a federal form when purchasing a firearm in October 2018.

But House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, who has been investigating the Biden family since January, described the indictment as a “very small start” and called on the special counsel to investigate everyone involved in the Biden family’s “fraud schemes and influence peddling.”

Comer told Fox News last Thursday that the evidence shows that Hunter “likely committed several felonies.” He added that the Justice Department should “apply the law equally.”

Comer suggested that if Special Counsel Weiss does not investigate those involved in the Biden family’s fraud and influence peddling, it will be clear that the Biden Justice Department is “protecting Hunter Biden and ‘The Big Guy.'”

In the 3-count indictment, Hunter is accused of lying on a federal form when he indicated that he was not using illegal drugs while purchasing a Colt revolver in 2018.

According to the indictment, Hunter knowingly gave “false and fictitious” answers when he certified on the federal form that he did not use unlawful drugs, nor was he addicted to any stimulants, narcotics, or controlled substances.

Two counts in the indictment carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years each while the third count carries a maximum 5-year sentence. All three charges also carry a maximum fine of $250,000.

In a statement last week, Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell called the indictment politically motivated and unwarranted. He argued that the special counsel was barred from bringing charges against Hunter based on the agreement made with prosecutors. Lowell also noted recent federal court rulings that determined that the statute under which Hunter was charged was unconstitutional.