Congressman Has Receipts Linking To Problems In 2020

According to a staff report from the House Judiciary Committee expected to be released on Wednesday, the CIA conspired with former acting director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign to produce a letter falsely claiming that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation. The letter included signatures from at least one former intelligence official.

In April, an interview with Representative Matt Gaetz revealed that the Congressional Weaponization Committee had evidence that former CIA deputy director and interim director Mike Morell had collaborated with the Biden campaign to draft the infamous letter claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained Russian disinformation.

On Wednesday, “The Interim Joint Staff Report of the Committee on the Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence” was released, vindicating Representative Gaetz said all that said in April.

Gaetz explained that Mike Morell is the former Deputy Director of the CIA and former Acting Director of the CIA. He wanted to be Joe Biden’s CIA Director. He got a phone call from Tony Blinken, who was representing the Biden campaign, suggesting that “this Hunter Biden laptop looks like Russian disinformation.”

Morell has resigned from his position as interim director of the CIA.

According to Michael Morell’s testimony, this turns him into the ringleader of an operation to put together a letter to boost Joe Biden’s standing in the presidential debate. 

The report from the Weaponization Committee, which was released in May, states that

Antony Blinken’s contact with the CIA Acting Director Michael Morell was the motivational force for the statement.

Reading the report will reveal that the public statement was issued so that the Biden campaign would have a quote to counter the accusations against Hunter Biden.

It was stated in another part of the article that the letter was sent to “make it easier for Joe Biden to be elected to the position of president.”