Cop Resigns After Racist Text Messages Leak

After receiving backlash for his involvement in a contentious shooting last year, a California police officer reportedly quit after racist text messages he wrote were discovered.

According to a statement released by the San Jose Police Department (SJPD), a police officer resigned after the department discovered multiple offensive text messages that displayed racial bias. The text conversations referenced a shooting that took place in the year 2022. After a brawl broke out at a local taqueria, an officer shot a college football player who had taken a gun away from one of the combatants.

On Friday, the San Jose Police Department issued a statement naming Mark McNamara as the officer involved. The department found the communications while investigating a criminal case involving one of their officers.

K’aun Green, a Black 20-year-old, visited a taqueria in San Jose in March 2022 when a fight broke out. When one of the brawlers took out a gun, Green managed to pry it away from him. McNamara, who arrived at the taqueria just as Green was backing out the entrance holding the gun in the air, shot him four times.

McNamara, who is white, said he was “just out there clappin’ fools” in a message sent after the incident. Adanté Pointer, a human rights lawyer, and Green’s legal counsel, clarified that this expression means “to kill gangsters” in slang.

Green, now 22 years old, spoke publicly for the first time since the emergence of the text messages and said never in a million years did he think that someone could be so evil that they would want to kill him “because of how I looked.”

Green filed a federal complaint charging excessive force and holding the City of San Jose liable for its role in the shooting against McNamara, the SJPD, and individual officers.

Other text messages by McNamara after Green’s legal team deposed him showed his extreme disdain for Black people.

During the news conference, Green, a former football player at Contra Costa College who aspired to play in the NFL, said that he had to miss the entire 2022 football season and has been dealing with depression ever since the shooting.