Could Liz Cheney Switch Parties This Year? 

( Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz Cheney had the name recognition in Wyoming to be the heir to her daddy’s political legacy. 

She followed her father’s footsteps right into being elected to the same post in the US Congress. Her term in office coincided with that of then-President Donald J. Trump, and she did nothing to set herself apart from the rest of the Republican pack on the Hill. 

Despite her misgivings, Liz Cheney sought Trump’s support as she ran for Wyoming’s congressional seat. The orthodox conservative from Wyoming did not like the heterodox populist from New York City and some of his political ideologies, but she was a supporter, nonetheless. 

On January 6, purported supporters of former President Trump charged Capitol Hill, broke through the barricades, and went rampant throughout Congress in a bizarre attempt to stop the finalization of the 2020 election. This followed months of claims by Trump that Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election.  

With most elected Democrats, Liz Cheney requested an inquiry into whether or not Trump had supported the assault on Capitol Hill. In a short time, she went from being one of Trump’s most consistent House supporters to one of his most vocal opponents. She broke with historic Congressional precedent by refusing to allow Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to choose the Republicans who would serve on the committee, thereby casting doubt on the investigation’s genuine objective. 

19FortyFive notes that in her relentless pursuit of the ex-president, Liz Cheney, a significant member of the January Sixth Committee, went down in a crushing defeat as she sought re-election. 

Many people are curious about her plans now that she is no longer in office. She inherited her father’s political nature but is lost in the wilderness without a party. 

Yet, by repeatedly reminding her former Republican colleagues that she had done significant harm to the party, the elite of the Democratic Party, with every accolade, is digging her an even deeper political grave.  

Cheney can become a Democrat if she wants, but it is not the basis for a possible political realignment. It would inspire a collective yawn. 

Democrats have no regrets about building Cheney up; they used her up and spat her out. 

Now it’s up to Liz to find something fulfilling to live out the rest of her life. It seems her political career is over.