Crew on Superyacht Charged After Fireworks Cause Wildfire in Greece

Holidaymakers’ hired a yacht, and the staff did something foolish. They are suspected of using fireworks aboard a rented luxury boat, which set off a forest fire. 

Near the Greek capital, Athens, on the island of Hydra, is the port city of Piraeus. The roaring wildfire supposedly consumed the pine forest in Piraeus.

The Greek Coast Guard seized the 176-foot luxury boat after thirteen individuals denied involvement in the negligent use of fireworks in court yesterday afternoon.

On Saturday, members of the Persefoni I staff were initially taken into custody; if convicted, they may be sentenced to a whopping twenty years in jail, plus a substantial fine.

It is thought that the fire in Hydra’s only pine forest was started by cruise staff who had previously let off pyrotechnics to amuse the tourists.

According to environment minister Vassilis Kikilias, six planes were needed to extinguish the fire, and several firemen were sent in due to the severity of the inferno.

He reportedly informed the Greek network OpenTV that the fire had destroyed 300 hectares of woodland.

Kikilias said on Sunday that they modified the law to punish people who set fires, which result in death or destruction of the environment.

The 17 confirmed guests, all of whom are believed to be Kazakh, paid a whopping £253,000 to spend a week aboard the superyacht.

The 13 cruise personnel requested a two-day delay before testifying in the Piraeus court. If their suspected actions are proven, they might face charges of €200,000.

In the summer, the Mediterranean nation is frequently struck by wildfires. Therefore, the Coast Guard maintains a state of high alert.

Last summer, flames ravaged the famous Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete, leaving British tourists stranded. After many flights were canceled, vacationers had their itineraries redirected to Spain instead.

The fires that were threatening the Greek Isles led travel companies to reschedule their customers.

Even though Andalusia, Catalonia, and Valencia were all popular destinations, the majority of British visitors went to Mallorca.