Cruise Ship Experiences Mass Outbreak Of Stomach Bug

According to the CDC, one hundred and twenty passengers on board the Queen Victoria, operated by Cunard Cruise Line, were ill while at sea.

The sickly visitors have reported gastrointestinal sickness with symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea, stated the agency.

Additionally, fifteen crew members have reported symptoms of gastrointestinal disease.

The CDC said that the figures for ill passengers and crew members on board the Queen Victoria only cover a period from January 22 to February 12 and do not reflect the actual number of instances of active gastrointestinal illness at any particular port of stop or upon disembarkation.

According to Cunard’s confirmation to media outlets,  they wasted no time in implementing stricter health and safety measures to protect the ship’s passengers and employees.  The Cunard stepped up their cleaning and disinfection efforts. It also isolated the ill passengers from the rest of the ship.

At this time, researchers have no idea what started the epidemic.

Currently on a 107-night trip, Cunard claims that the Queen Victoria can accommodate more than 2,000 guests. During its run from January 22nd to February 12th, the CDC reported that 1,824 passengers were on board.

Illnesses, especially gastrointestinal ones, are common aboard cruise ships because of the high passenger density and tight quarters, which make it easier for infectious diseases like norovirus to spread quickly. The highly contagious norovirus may spread rapidly in confined spaces with many people, like cruise ships. When people have gastrointestinal illnesses, the most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, and the reason why these outbreaks happen isn’t always apparent.

According to the CDC, cruise liners must report gastrointestinal sickness cases to the CDC and follow strict reporting and sanitation protocols to prevent illness spread. Outbreaks frequently prompt further cleaning and disinfection. To avoid disease on cruise ships, travelers should wash their hands often.

When guests get unwell while on board, most ships will have a doctor or two on staff, along with up to four nurses. The US does not mandate certification for medical personnel, but they are required to fulfill certain training requirements.