Dan Bongino Has Strange Event Happen After Criticizing George Soros

Host Dan Bongino revealed something peculiar that had happened the day before on his broadcast of “The Dan Bongino Show” on Rumble.

According to Bongino, his BonginoReport.com website was hit by what seemed to be a concerted hack on Monday when he criticized lefty millionaire George Soros on live.

He said the onslaught on us was unrelenting, and he didn’t think that happened by chance. 

The purported incident happened when Bongino discussed how Soros’s recent handover of authority to his son Alexander would likely have an even greater leftist-globalist impact on the Open Society Foundations he funds.

He claimed that a massive DDoS attack at that time hit the website.

DDoS refers to a widespread attack that disables a service. What this indicates, in layman’s terms, is that someone attempted to block users from seeing the Bongino website.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec had a similar story.

Posobiec mentioned the DDoS assault on his website at Monday’s “Timcast” with Tim Pool.

According to Posobiec, the incident happened just after the website posted an article on 17 audio recordings that purport to reveal President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter accepting bribes.

Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley read the contents of an FBI informant dossier, including the Biden charges on the Senate on Monday.

After Posobiec’s Human Events website put up a piece summarizing it, the site went down.

Reports show that attacks against Bongino and Posobiec by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) are shocking but not unexpected. Efforts to stifle conservative, anti-establishment views are as frequent as the morning light in today’s political climate.

It’s challenging to know what to do in response to them.

According to the DOJ, an individual might face up to 10 years in jail if they are found guilty of launching a DDoS assault with the aim of damaging a computer or server.